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Spring / Summer 2012 Newsletter
LAMPS Recognition Awards
We are pleased to announce the creation of nine awards to recognize members of the Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-Time Students for their community involvement and academic performance.
The “LAMPS Recognition Bursaries” have been developed to recognize Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-Time Student members who not only excel academically but go above and beyond within the community. These bursaries are funded by the Laurentian Association of Mature and Part-Time Students (LAMPS) and are awarded annually to nine part-time Envision or on-campus and/or full-time Envision students enrolled in any program at Laurentian University. Three bursaries will be awarded for each session (fall, winter, spring) to total nine bursaries per year. The recipients must be in good academic standing with a minimum average of 70% within the last semester. The recipients must demonstrate examples of strong community involvement and superior initiative within their participation in extra-curricular activities. Preference for three bursaries annually (one per term) will be given to First Nations LAMPS students enrolled in any program at Laurentian University. Applicants are required to submit a letter indicating in detail how they meet the criteria for these awards.
Value of each award is $700. Selection of award recipients shall be made by the Student Awards Office at Laurentian University.
Facts on the Ontario Tuition Rebate and Tuition Increase
The Ontario government promised a tuition rebate of 30% to all Ontario students, however this is not what was implemented. “Ontario families should not be confused. The government has not promised to cut tuition fees. Dalton McGuinty is instead offering a grant that one-third of all students will be eligible to receive,” said Sandy Hudson Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario.
During the election, the Liberal party clarified that students in professional programs, part-time students and students who are independent of their parents will be ineligible for the proposed tuition fee grant. This narrows eligibility to just one-third of all students and will potentially exclude those students who need it most. Average undergraduate tuition fees are $6,640, the highest in Canada, according to Statistics Canada. The Ontario Government’s $1,600 grant would only amount to 30 per cent if tuition fees were $5,400.
If the money dedicated to this grant were applied to tuition fees directly, all students would receive a 13 per cent tuition fee reduction, and there would be virtually no administration costs. 44% of students currently receiving financial aid through the Ontario Student Assistance Program are considered independent of their parents and will not be eligible for the tuition grant, even though they have demonstrable financial need.
The Government has announced a 5% (across the board) tuition increase for domestic Ontario students, totaling a 71% compounded increase since 2006. Not only will 2/3 of students ineligible for the grant receive less financial assistance due to the cancellation of grant programs and their ineligibility for the tuition grant, but they will now also be paying higher tuition fees.
It will be interesting to see how the government will explain their broken promise.
Sudbury and area Community Events
 Sudbury ROCKS!!! Race, Run, or Walk for Diabetes May 13th
 Sudbury Gardening Festival May 26th
 Relay for Life June 1st and 2nd
 Cruizin’ for Food June 9th
 Sudbury Pride Festival July 9th –July 15th
 Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival July 14th
 Sudbury Blueberry Festival July 15th-July 22nd
 Manitoulin Country Fest August 9th-August 12th
 Sudbury Summerfest August 2012
St. Patty’s Day Free Skate
On March 17th, LAMPS hosted a free skate at Cambrian Arena. Fun was had by all! Students and their families came dressed up in their best St. Patty’s day garb and enjoyed two hours of skating and hot chocolate.
Prizes were given to five people for their creativity and originality of costume. Everyone received candy pops at the end of the event.
Thanks to the LAMPS Social Committee for hosting such a fun event.
Our council strongly believes that our most important role is to advocate on behalf of our membership. Therefore, the LAMPS Executive, Council, and volunteers participate and advocate on your behalf on more than twenty University committees such as Senate, Student Appeals, and Security and Parking. Got a grievance? Contact the Association office and your elected representatives will do what they can do on your behalf.
Name: Rose Michael